Why Buying A Pre-Owned Vehicle Is The Best Transportation Option

April 4th, 2019 by

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People have more choices than ever when it comes to transportation. Technology is getting closer to developing autonomous vehicles that will become common on every road around the world, though we are years away from that being a reality. Uber and Lyft offer services that can help their customers never have to rely on owning a vehicle, but it can be very costly. Many drivers prefer to take public transportation, such as a bus or train and walk once they arrive close to their destination, of course, that might not work for everyone. Some people like leasing a vehicle or buying a new car outright. However, we’re certain the best option to save money and gain the most convenient option is to purchase a quality pre-owned vehicle. That’s what drivers do every day at Driver’s Auto Mart.

Why Go Pre-Owned?

Aside from the obvious reasons for choosing a vehicle that a driver will end up owning, there’s plenty of reasons to avoid going with any of the reasons mentioned above. Public transportation is more time consuming and less effective than having a vehicle to go anywhere the driver wishes. The upkeep of a pre-owned vehicle isn’t as much as many would think. A regular oil change is less than $25 and only happens once every 3,500-5,000 miles. Some drivers don’t require more than two a year. Buying a new car will require the same amount of oil changes as a pre-owned vehicle; it all comes down to how many miles, not the vehicle its self. Let’s go into some of the choices our readers might be considering that we haven’t addressed.

What About Going With A Scooter or Motorcycle?

Owning a scooter or motorcycle might be less expensive, but it is far more dangerous. Most scooters do not go over 40 miles per hour, they can’t go on highways either. Motorcycles require intense concentration and as with scooters, they are usually for only a single driver. Good luck with buying anything large from a store or if the weather is poor. Heavy rain or cold winds make driving a scooter or motorcycle nowhere near as fun as most people would imagine. Of course, it goes without saying that safety is much lower without the help of a vehicle’s structural protection. According to the United States government, data from 2013 noted that for every mile traveled that year, the number of motorcycle-related deaths was 26 times the number of car-related deaths with a high final total of 4,381 motorcycle fatalities.

A New Car Has To Be Better Than A Pre-Owned, Right?

Among the options, this might seem like the safest bet. However, newer vehicles are definitely more expensive. They require higher insurance rates, there hasn’t been any time for the automaker to note any defects or announce faults or recalls. One thing to consider is a newer car is more likely to experience a break-in or be stolen. Higher car payments and insurance rates aren’t attractive just to gain a vehicle that has just a few thousand miles less than what a quality pre-owned vehicle can offer. Plus, an owner would lose a lot of the value if they try to get out of the vehicle.

New cars not only depreciate faster, but owners also pay more interest and are subject to higher taxes and licensing fees. On average, a new vehicle loses 4% of the value the moment it is driven off the lot and the value continues to decrease substantially within just a couple years. Now, owning a new vehicle doesn’t seem as attractive does it? Especially for someone hoping to save money for other things like a future home, family or vacations.

Leasing Is the Right Call Then?

Many people prefer to lease a new vehicle, but there are issues with doing that also. Leasing is relying on the fact that when the lease ends, you’ll need to find another vehicle to replace it. It might be nice to have a new vehicle after the lease ends, but the insurance rate will always be higher to drive a new vehicle. Plus, leasing a vehicle comes with rules that can not be broken. There will be no custom modifications for any lease. Rules for leasing a vehicle will surely include a limit on the miles a driver can put on the vehicle. Sometimes that means avoiding driving the vehicle, especially close to when the lease is close to ending, which means car shopping will have to be done using another way to get around. Plus, there is no extra cash at the end of the day when a driver gets out of their lease, versus being able to sell off their pre-owned vehicle. Not much fun!

I Guess Going With A Pre-Owned Vehicle Makes Sense

Don’t worry about going with a pre-owned vehicle. It’s the most reliable option among the many ways people get around today. Don’t wait for a bus, don’t trust a vehicle that only has two wheels, don’t get scammed into spending more for a new vehicle and see for yourself the remarkable prices offered on our fantastic selection awaiting you at Driver’s Auto Mart.

Come see our line-up of over 200 quality pre-owned vehicles and get a great deal today. We’re ready to help our customers drive home happy in a vehicle they’ll love. Feel free to modify, drive the vehicle as much as you want and pay way less in a pre-owned. See us soon!