Why Ceramic Coat Ensures Your Car’s Coat Stays Fashionably Fresh

April 30th, 2021 by


It’s pretty well known how important it is to keep your vehicle looking clean and fresh, and the same rings true whether you’re the driver of a Tesla or a Toyota. Here’s the thing, while some car owners may have intentions to take care of their vehicle, they may not completely understand how hard it is to really retain its fresh-out-of-the-factory appearance. Even so, there are some detailing products that could aid in prolonging its fresh appearance. 

Though it would be considered a marvel to have a one-and-done remedy for full-on aftercare, this simply isn’t the case. While you could use a Paint Protection Film, like Clear Bra, it can be pretty pricey. A cheaper solution might be to use a Ceramic Coat on the car.

While it is pretty affordable, there are some basics that one should know, such as what this coating does, and what it doesn’t do. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the fundamentals of ceramic coating, it should give you a better understanding of whether or not it’s the right option for you.

What Ceramic Coating Does

Essentially, ceramic coating is a liquid polymer. This polymer chemically bonds with the car’s factory paint, which creates a blanket of protection. It’s important to know that the forenamed bond may be either permanent or semi-permanent; This depends on varying factors like irregular maintenance, excessive exposure to environmental factors (sunlight, water, etc). Despite what some may believe, ceramic coating is not the same as PPF, in actuality, it’s a protective wax that is much more sound. 

How ceramic coating works is that it creates a hydrophobic layer over the paint by way of chemical bonding. One of the main assets of having a ceramic coat is that it’s easy to maintain. Unlike traditional wash and wax, the ceramic coating has a water-repelling nature that will attract less dirt.

In large, the majority of the muck and dirt will shed off, as it has nothing to bond to. Another merit is mostly not having to worry about any type of chemical formation. Oftentimes, roads have a variety of different contaminants like nails and a range of different chemicals, therefore, it is important to have a resistant surface to act as a type of shield against all forms of corrosive reactions.

Another plus is the protection of UV rays. If a vehicle has exposure to the sun, eventually its paint will start to oxidize, contributing to a once bright and gleaming paint job that is now dull and uninspiring. The Ceramic Coating defends your car’s paint from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, thus lessening the amount of oxidation.

What Ceramic Coating Doesn’t Do

As previously stated, a ceramic coating isn’t a one-and-done solution to a paint’s protection. Either way, it’s inevitable that a liquid will eventually dim off in about one to five years, but…this all depends on its quality and how well it’s cared for. First off, although this coating helps with scratch resistance, this aid is quite minimal. It’s not the same as a phone’s screen protector, for example, a physical barrier that would prevent significant damage.

Although some water will in fact be repelled from the hydrophobic surface, other droplets will still stay on top of the surface, which allows for water spots. Another ignored factor is simply the lack of maintenance because even with the best coating that money can buy, your car still needs to be washed to maintain its pristine look. Luckily, Ceramic Coating makes the cleaning process simpler.

Overall, expelling the need for your car to receive an occasional wax treatment saves time significantly. Opting for Ceramic Coating in order to extend your car’s exterior quality may not necessarily save you as much money as getting a wash and wax, the outcome that you get for your investment still makes it the obvious choice.

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